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Listen to Rallion's latest music (including tracks not yet released on cd) on Reverbnation

Rallion currently have two cd's available: "For No-One and Everyone" and "One for Sorrow".

"One For Sorrow" should go some distance to establish Rallion as one of Scotland's leading traditional music acts."

- Bluesbunny Independent Music Reviews

"The quartet is up to the best you can find in this musical field."

- FolkWorld

"One For Sorrow is a brilliant album that will leave you hungering for more." - Lori Gordon

Scottish folk music with a soulfull edge that shows a real passion for the genre. (...) this is an album you can listen to over and over again.

- The Garden Sessions

Good stuff, this!

- The Living Tradition

"An album of great strength and persuasion, with powerful folksong in meaningful mode."


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